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Personal Injury Lawyer Oshawa

Michelle Linka Law Is A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Works For You

legal servicesAt Michelle Linka Law we are pleased to be of service to clients in Oshawa. We are committed to being a personal injury lawyer in Oshawa that you can depend on to fight for your rights.
In every personal injury action that we take we are always focused on the best interest of our clients.
As your Oshawa personal injury lawyer we are your partner and we work hard to understand how your injury has affected your life. We want to be active and involved in your recovery process. The better we understand you, the more effectively we can advocate for you in insurance meetings or legal proceedings.
We will work directly with you to ensure that you access the compensation that you deserve. We are confident in our ability to broker a solution for you that you will not pay legal fees unless we collect money for you.

Why You Need An Oshawa Personal Injury Lawyer

There are several reasons why you should choose a personal injury lawyer in Oshawa like Michelle Linka Law. At Michelle Linka Law we have the experience you need to navigate the often complex insurance system in Ontario.
We are also fortunate to have universal health coverage in Ontario, but our insurance doesn’t cover all of the services you may need to access after an accident such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or speech therapy services. You may be eligible to receive funding for these types of services through your accident benefits carrier, collateral health plans or other sources. As a personal injury lawyer in Oshawa, Michelle Linka Law has the experience you need to give you advice on what services you should access to help you recover and get back to life. We also have the track record of success you need to ensure that your insurance company correctly covers these benefits for you.

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