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Summer is one of the most enjoyable times to drive. With great weather and clear roads, it is the ideal season for trips to the cottage or to see family. To be safe on the road, prepare your car or vehicle for long journeys:

1. Keep your car in good running condition.

Keep Everyone Safe on the Road This Summer

Problems with your vehicle’s transmission, brakes, or engine can result in an accident. It is your responsibility as a vehicle owner to keep your car in top condition, or you may suffer legal consequences.

2. Don’t drive under the influence.

Keep Everyone Safe on the Road This Summer

Medications, alcohol, and other drugs can affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle. Not only might you be breaking the law, you are endangering yourself and others on the road.

3. Know how to operate your vehicle in emergency situations.

Keep Everyone Safe on the Road This Summer

Being ready to handle emergency situations on the road is essential. A flat tire on the freeway, sunlight glare affecting your vision on narrow or winding highways, or sudden engine failure can result in an accident. Take appropriate drivers’ training courses and make sure you are well-rested before you get behind the wheel.

Accident Claims

Keep Everyone Safe on the Road This Summer

Michelle Linka Law can offer legal assistance if you’ve had a car accident. Call us at (416) 477-7288.

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