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Canadians like to joke we have two seasons: winter and construction. Summertime has arrived, and with it — road work and its expected delays. At this time, some valuable hints and tips will help ensure your personal safety, as well as those on the road around you. Your chances of an accident may be increased during roadwork season; paying attention and keeping your eye on the road is imperative.

Pay Close Attention To Marked off Areas

It's Road Construction Season - Keep Safe This Summer!

Of course, it is essential to pay attention when driving in a vehicle. Special precautions must be taken this time of year, just like during a snowstorm or rainstorm. When you are driving this summer, be sure to look out for specially-marked areas. Signs pointing to a detour or calling your attention to road work are everywhere. Be prepared to slow down and be aware of people working in the road. Also watch for pedestrians who may step out from behind signs and barrels — they may be difficult to spot. The last thing you want is to cause injury to someone because you were being careless.

Pay Attention to New Restrictions

It's Road Construction Season - Keep Safe This Summer!

One of the most common restrictions placed on drivers passing through a construction zone is a lower speed limit. Often you will have to drive much slower than you are used to, or you’ll take a detour. Be respectful and always abide by these rules, or you can get a hefty ticket (often times more expensive and with more drivers license points than if you were to speed in a non-construction zone). If you’re planning a road trip, be prepared for delays. Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. You’ll avoid frustration and road rage.

Make sure You Know Your Rights

It's Road Construction Season - Keep Safe This Summer!

Sometimes, accidents happen and can be a driver’s fault if they weren’t practicing safe driving and following the road restrictions. If you are in a road work related car accident and do not believe you’re to blame, proving that can be difficult. Consult a lawyer for advice, especially if you are facing heavy fines or points on your license.

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