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Unfortunately, winter weather brings with it with road accidents and injuries, resulting in trips to the emergency room, loss of income, and other serious issues. Should you experience injury during your personal commute, you will need to file an accident benefit claim to access the treatment and benefits you will require. It’s best to get the help of a lawyer when filing. Meanwhile, here’s some important information:

Facts about Accident Benefit Claims

  1. If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision, you can file an accident benefit claim, even if you have no insurance. The first step is to turn to the Statutory Accident Benefits schedule. It can give you an idea of payments for which you may be eligible.

2. If you are an accident victim, you can file a civil case against the driver at fault to recover damages not included in the accident benefits schedule. You therefore usually have two claims to collect when you are not at fault: (1) the accident benefit claim (with your own insurance company) and (2) tort claim (against the driver at fault). To navigate the paperwork, you need a reliable lawyer to guide you through the process.

Facts about Accident Benefit Claims

3. You cannot automatically collect the accident benefit claim. Notify your insurance company if you want to apply for it. The application process includes an initial application, additional forms, and supporting documents for each specific benefit. You have 30 days to complete the forms after receiving them from the insurance company. Seek the help of a licensed personal injury lawyer to ensure all forms are filled out correctly.

4. Many insurance companies will try to pay you less than you deserve for compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will advise you on what’s fair and reasonable. They can help you decide if it is appropriate to dispute the insurance company’s offer, consider a settlement with the person who caused the injury, or negotiate the settlement amount.

Facts about Accident Benefit Claims

5. Your insurance premium will not increase if you file for accident benefit claims. As long as you are not at fault, the premium should not be affected.

The process of collecting the insurance to which you’re entitled can be difficult, especially when recovering from an injury. For a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of personal injury law, call Michelle Linka Law Professional Corporation at (416) 477-7288. We’ll provide the help you need.

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